Cabbage with tofu


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1 cup of rice
soy crumbles
750ml tomato pire
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
1/2ts chili, basil, oregano
1TS paprika
salt, pepper


drtCook your soy crumbles in vegetable stock

kapustacook the whole cabbage in water without the middle part

napln1fry your onion and garlic on pan and add paprika at the end

napln2then add there your cooked soy crumbles, rice, and half of tomato pire
add salt, pepper with this mixture we will be filling our cabbage leafs 

listfrom the cabbage that is still cooking start to take the leafs out and get rid of any hard parts

list2put your mixture into the leaf 

list4and wrap it all up and repeat this process until you have no leafs of mixture left

holubky1put the wraps in to the pan

holubky2pour it with tomato pire
add vegetable stock it was cooked in
it should be all under water cause rice will absorb a lot of water
add basil and oregano and if needed even little bit of salt an pepper  and chili

tanierplace a plat on top so that they don't get on top

tanier2you can even put a cup on top of a plate and now just wait for about 45 minutes
serve with baguette or bread

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