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450 g chickpeas (never from the can!!!)
2x onions
4 garlick cloves
1 TS flour
fresh parsley
rome cumin (it's not the same as the regular one)


add coriander, rome cumin and coarse salt into your cooking mortal and crush it, it doesn't have to be super fine

Chop onion, garlic and fresh parsley and add it into the food processor along with a chickpeas that was in the water over the night.
At the end when it's almost done add your spices that you prepared in your cooking mortal.

it shouldn't be very fine, it should still has some structure, it might looks like it's gonna fall apart while frying, but it won't.

make a little balls with your hands. 

fry in hot oil until brown (about 4 min.)
i used Rapeseed oil.

Falafel after frying put it on a paper towel
and it's done.

falajel_hummus_mserve it with hummus, pita bread, and with vegetables you like, enjoy...

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