Farfalle with veggies

cestoviny so zeleninouFarfalle with vegetables?
Yes fresh taste of fresh veggies, easy summer dish. 

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ingrediencie300g Farfalle
1 fresh red paprika
1 spring onion
1 clove of garlic
1 zucchiny 
1 carrot
fresh greens for example arugula or baby spinach
cherry tomatoes
olive oil
black pepper, the Himalayan salt, Italian seasoning


nakrajanecut the vegetable on similar pieces

Cook farfalle how the label says, in your wok or some big pot.cestoviny

zelenina wokCook your vegetable quickly on a bit of olive oil so that it still stays crunchy and then season it.

wok allMix your vegetable with farfalle and add a bit of water they were cooked in, before serving add cherry tomatoes, fresh greens and few drops of olive oil.

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