Mushroom Stew

vegan mushroom stew

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250 g champignon mushroom
300 g Oyster mushroom
1 onion
5 garlic clove
1 TS tomato paste
1 TS sweet paprika 
1 ts hot paprika
1 chili pepper
dry marjoram


For potato dumpling:

potatoes cooked in peel about 5 smaller ones
200g semi-coarse flour


Roast tomato paste on onion, add a little bit of ground cumin, garlic, hot and sweet paprika, champignon mushroom and oyster mushroom and pour it with boiling water. Simmer it for a while and at the end add dry marjoram mashed with the palms.


 Side dish:

DSC_0020-300x199I chose potato dumplings as a side dish. Potatoes cooked with peel push through press for potatoes, or finely shred on grater and add salt. Add semi-coarse flour so that dough is thick enough, made dumplings and cook them in salted boiling water. When they swim on top they are done it takes about 20 minutes depends on the thickness of the dumplings. If they don't swim on even after an hour of cooking, they are stuck on the bottom of the pot. 🙂

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