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For the dough:

350 g flour
1 ts dry yeast
1 TS salt
1/2 ts sugar
200 ml water
1 TS olive oil

Topping ingredients:

vegan cheese 
tomato pire
3 cloves of garlic
oregano, basil
salt, papper
corn, champignon mushrooms, olives


cesto_1add all the powdered ingredients into a blender and blend it all together
add 1 TS of olive oil and then slowly add water 

cesto2put your dough into the pre heated oven on 35°C
cover it and let it rise for 40 minutes

paradajkywhile our dough is rising mix 
tomato pire with basil, oregano, salt, pepper and mashed garlic
and chop all ingredients for your pizza

cesto3put you dough on baking sheet cover it with tomato mixture
put all ingredients on top and sprinkle it with vegan cheese

ruraput it to oven on 270°C for 10 minutes

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