Potato salad

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zemiakovy salat


1 kg potaotes
3 carrots
red and yellow onion
can of peas
3 ks pickles
150 g frozen corn
1 ks soya mayo, 250 ml soy cream 2 TS mustard, salt, pepper,
pickle juice

For tofu:

2 tofu
corn flour


cook your potatoes and carrots with skin until soft
after cooling down clean from skin

mashed your potatoes and carrots
cut your onion and pickles to fine pieces
add mustard pepper and salt

add your peas and corn some people also add an apple to their potato salad

add soy mayo and cream
if you don't have soy mayo you can make one:
just blend white tofu with oil until smooth
and add a bit of oil
season with salt, pepper and if needed even with pickle juice

For tofu:

cut your tofu
marinade it with worchester sauce

other tofu i marinaded with sweet chili sauce

tofu put to corn flout seasoned with salt

and fry it on oil


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