Sauerkraut with rice

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kolozvarska kapusta


900g sauerkraut
250g rice
300g tofu
2 onions
1 soy sour cream
1 soy cream
1TS powdered paprika
3 gloves of garlic
1 TS nutritional yeast, pepper, salt, oil


squeeze a little bit of sauerkraut juice out
and chop it a little bit so it's not long

squeezed water don't pour out it's very healthy, you can drink it

let it steam on fried onion

in wok fry your onion until glassy

add chopped tofu on fine pieces
add powdered paprika sweet and spicy
pepper and smashed garlic add salt
and let it cook for a little

 add oil to the bottom of your baking bowl

divide your sauerkraut to two parts and one part add to the bottom of the bowl

next layer is rice

on the rice put the tofu mixture

last layer is sauerkraut again

put it in oven and bake for half an hour

while its baking prepare your sour cream mixed with cream, red powdered paprika, nutritional yeast and salt

after 20 minutes pour your mixture on top of it
and bake for another 10-15 minutes until golden brown

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