Stroganoff Vegan


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ingrediencie3 tofu
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 can of tomatoes 
150 g champignon mushrooms
2 pickles
1 TS mustard
pepper, powdered paprika, salt, powdered cummin, oil

For vegan mayo cream:

1 tofu
2 pickles
1 small onion
1 dcl oil
salt, lemon, pepper, 1 TS mustard


tofu_opec2one tofu fry in while piece on oil

tofu opec3the second one put in pieces and fry that way
marinade it in worchester sauce first

cibulachop onion to fine pieces and fry until glassy

sampinonyadd chopped champignon mushrooms
and let it simmer 
at the end add powdered paprika, cumin, pepper
tofu fried whole cut in pieces as well and add it in with the second one
let it cook for a bit

paradajkyadd blended tomatoes and mustard
add garlic and chopped pickles
at the end add soy cream
serve with baked potatoes, rice or fries

mayo cream:

cibula uhorkachop pickle and onion on fine pieces
blend tofu with oil until smooth
add mustard, pepper, salt

tatarkaadd soy mayo
and stir it all together

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