Tofu balls

zemiakovo cesnakove krokety

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tofu gulky


ingrediencie2 tofu
1 potato
4 champignon mushrooms
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
50 g millet
1 TS french mustard
pepper, salt, powdered spicy paprika, powdred cummin 


mixingblend your tofu, garlic and onion in your food processor
cook your potato with skin in water
then mash it and add to the mixture
add cooked millet
season with mustard 
add a little bit of corn starch
and stir it all together

gulkymake little balls big as golf balls
use cold water for your hands to wet them
so that it doesn't stick to them

struhankacover them with breadcrumbs

fritovaniefry them in vegetable oil until golden brown

gulelet the paper towel soak up the oil

gule2serve with spaghetti or smashed potatoes 

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