Tofu with veggies and tarhona

tarhona is my all time
favourite side dish

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1x tofu
100 g champignon mushroom
1 red paprika
whole canned tomatoes (tomato paste will work as well)
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
salt, pepper, dried chili, basil
150 g tarhoňa (it's a slovak type of pasta shaped into a small balls)


Don't cut your tofu fist pan fry it whole
then take it out and cut it into the square shapes and add chopped onion into the oil
after a while add champignon mushroom
and add canned tomatoes or tomato paste

add chili, garlic, salt and if its too sour add brown sugar

pan fry your tarhoňa (keep stirring it)
it is done when some of the balls are light brown
add chopped onion, and season it with salt
cook it for a while with onion and then pour it with boiling water
1 cup of tarhoňa 2 cups of water
put lid on the pan and let it stew on medium heat for about 15 minutes
advace: add organic vegetable stock into the water


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