Vegetable curry

DSC_0918combine fresh ingredients as you like 

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3 potatoes
1 tofu
100 g cauliflower (broccoli)
1 fresh pepper
200 g champignon mushroom
1 carrot
1 onion
spring onion
5 garlic cloves
1 can tomatoes
2 TS tomato paste

1 can of coconut milk
fresh ginger
chili pepper
curry paste
garam masala
lemon grass
rome cumin


In wok with a little bit of oil roast curry spice, turmeric, tomato paste, in cooking mortal crushed rome cumin and coriander, add curry paste

then in food processor mix ginger, chili, garlic and onion and also add to the wok after while pour water.

Add carrot, potatoes and cook while almost soft, add red pepper, broccoli, champignon mushrooms, can of tomatoes and again simmer for a while.

add can of coconut milk, let it simmer

and at the end add chopped spring onion

Serve with rice.

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