vegan burger

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Marinade for tofu:

sweet chili sauce
regular chili sauce
light soy sauce
sesame oil

Next ingredientions:

baguette or roll
spring onion
dijon mustard
ketchup, chili
cherry tomatoes
arugula (baby spinach)
and anything you want...


First you have to dry tofu with a paper towel then put it into the marinade let it sit for a while and then pan fry it, or bake it in the oven until lightly crispy.

Cut baguette in half but not completely
it's good when you roast it on pan with no oil before making tofu
on one side put mustard and on the other one put chili or ketchup, or anything you like
add lettuce, tomatoes, tofu, arugula, spring onion and everything you chose to put in or found in your fridge.

it's delicious, enjoy...

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