Christmas cake

with jam or vegan chocolate spread

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250 g flour
250 g all purposed flour
180 ml vegan milk of your choice
2 bananas
1 bag of dry yeast
1 TS oil
80 g brown sugar
fist of raisins


blend bananas in milk

all seasoning ingredients blend in blender
add oil, bananas with milk
blend it for 10 minutes
meanwhile pre heat your oven for 50°C

let it reis for 40 minutes
then put it on board cover with flour

divide it to two pieces
one bigger than the other
braid the bigger piece
and then place the smaller braid on top of it
as seen on the picture

let it reis for 15-20 minutes
spread vegan milk on top instead of egg
put back into oven heated on 180°C
bake it for 30-40 minutes
during baking you can sprinkle it with water

after baking

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