Eggplant spread

baklazan_1delicious with baked paprika

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eggplant spread_en



red paprika
olive oil
Himalayan salt, pepper
chili peper, spring onion


baklazan_3put eggplant and red paprika into a oven on 190°C (374°F) for about 40 minutes
it should looks like this

baklazan_4put red paprika into a plastic bag or ziplock bag and let it steam, when it cools down pull the skin

baklazan_6toas your bread inside still hot oven

baklazan_7cut your eggplant in a half and scoop it out... put away the hard parts, we don't want those

baklazan_allall ingredients put into a food processor and mix it together, or if you prefer bigger pieces like i do just mix it with fork in a bowl
serve it on toasted bread with sprinkled chili and spring onion on top of it

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