Potato and pumpkin Hash Browns

This time i tried
it with pumpkin and sauerkraut.

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potato and pumpkin pancakes_en


placky_1potatoes  4 pieces (middle size)
1/2 smaller pumpkin 
sauerkraut 100 g
4 cloves of garlic
salt, pepper, marjoram,
1-2 TS flour
I added 50 ml of soy cream to soften the taste
oil for frying 


placky_2Shred potatoes and roughly (the less water will leak)
I chopped the sauerkraut
garlic shread softly
put it all into the bowl and add flour if needed
and add soy cream to soften it, mix it all together

placky_3Heat the oil up on your pan
and fry the small potato pancakes
flip them over when the sides are light brown and the front sides start to look glassy 
after frying put them on paper towel so the paper can soak the oil up
i thought that they would fall apart without egg, but it worked anyway. 🙂 

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