Vegan chocolate croissant

croissantVegan chocolate croissant
chocolate croissant full of chocolate

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ingrediencie_n450 g flour
1 ts dry yeast
1 ts baking powder
2 bananas (instead of eggs)
150 ml coconut milk 
1 TS sugar
1 ts vanilla or cinamon sugar 
chocolate for cooking


mix1mix bananas and coconut milk together

ingrediencieAll ingredients except chocolate mix into the dough.
If it's too runny add flour.

cesto_dlet your dough rise for 40 minutes
cut it into three pieces
and make little dough from them

cesto_vspread your dough into thin sheet
I don't like thick dough and little filling 

cesto_ndivide it on 8 pieces
put chocolate in the middle of each one and roll them into the croissant shape

upeceneput croissant on the baking sheet and bake until gold
180° for 30 - 40 minutes


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