Because this soup is called "soup 100 ingredients", then this is only one of those options (the vegan one)
If you can't find laksa paste just make it from scratch

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Laksa paste:

fresh ginger 2 cm
lemon grass (I used paste from lemon grass)
tamarind (paste)
chili pepers
garlick 3 cloves, or depends on your taste
sesame oil
crush coriander, rome cumin, chili pepers (if you don't have fresh ones) in cooking mortar

Next ingredientions:

coconut milk (in can)
champignon mushroom
pan fried tofu
rice noodles
asian noodles
spring onion
fresh coriander




Put all ingredients for laksa paste into the food processor and blend roughly, then roast it on pan with a little bit of oil, I sometimes add curry paste and roast it until you can smell aroma from spices. Add a carrot, which you roast on pan for a little bit as well, and then little by little add next ingredients depending on their hardness. Add a little bit of water, coconut milk and cook it all for a while.
In another pan with just a little bit of oil you want to fry your tofu which you are gonna add into the soup at the end before serving.
Separately cook your noodles according to the instructions on the label.

And this is how to serve it: put noodles first on the bottom of your bowl, pour your soup, add fresh coriander, spring onion, if you want you can add more chili pepers and squeeze a bit of lime, and now you can enjoy your soup.

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