Vegetable soup with tofu

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vegetable soup with tofu_en


peas fresh or frozen
frozen sweet corn
champignon mushrooms
spring onion

soy sauce
chili pepper
no egg pasta
vegetable oil
olive oil
peper, salt


1. pan fry your tofu on vegetable oil then take it out
2. on olive oil fry your sliced carrot for about 3 minutes
3. add garlic and pour with boiling water
4. add everything else (veggies) you have in you fridge or freezer and you want in your soup
5. add light and dark soy sauce
6. at the end add spring onion, pan fried tofu, chili pepper, and no egg pasta
Tip 1: if you don't want to chop all those veggies use frozen soup mix
Tip 2: if it tastes blind with not much taste use vegetable stock

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